Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Immigrant: The Perils of Ewa

Marion Cotillard is The Immigrant
It's 1921 and a naive young woman and her sister arrive at Ellis Island from Poland. They were supposed to be met by her aunt and uncle, but that didn't happen and she was on her own. Making matters worse, her sister was diagnosed with "lung disease" and quarantined in an Ellis Island hospital.

Alone and determined to reunite with her sister, Ewa falls into the clutches of a smarmy pimp (Joaquin Phoenix). And it's downhill from there.

The Movie Slut came away thinking that the movie had something to say and every scene and character was manipulated to deliver that message. But what was it?

She had to read a review in a prestigious newspaper to discover what she was supposed to learn from this movie. Something about survival, the price that has to be paid, and the morality of paying the price. Deep. Right? 

MS didn't think this film worked, however, it was a seemingly accurate account of the underbelly of New York City in the 1920s and what could happen to those seeking a new life in the new world.

The sensational sets add substance and reality to a movie that isn't always believable.

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