Sunday, May 18, 2014

The German Doctor: Does No Harm

Here we have a perfect example of a movie nearly ruined by tell-all critics. Unfortunately, the Movie Slut read a review prior to seeing the film. And sure enough they gave away the farm. Don't worry, she won't.

The action takes place in Patagonia, in 1960. An Argentinian family befriends a German doctor, who helps them with their health problems. The daughter, who's 12 years old, is tiny for her age, and he says he can help her. The pregnant mother is having twins and he seems to be an expert in multiple births.

He's a mysterious character, but only the husband is suspicious of him. In the end, the moviegoer lucky enough to see this flick without prior knowledge discovers the truth about him and postscripts fill us in on his future. But by this point, MS was equally interested in the family. Although the movie is narrated by the daughter, we don't learn what becomes of her or the twins.

Movie critics can be blamed for telling too much. But it's the script writer's fault for not telling enough.

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