Sunday, September 21, 2014

Love is Strange: Says Who?

John Lithgow & Frank Molina

There's nothing strange about the love shared by Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Frank Molina), unless we time travel back to the 1950s. By now, we all know that men can love men and women can love women. So what else does this perfectly nice movie have to offer?

Precious little, says the Movie Slut.

The plot revolves around the financial difficulties experienced by the couple when, after nearly four decades of living together, they finally get married. Ben is retired and George loses his job teaching at a Catholic school. Little is made of the hypocrisy that allowed him to keep his job as an openly gay unmarried guy. This movie is too nice for that.

This is not an anti-church movie. If anything, it's more about the difficulty of finding affordable housing in New York City.

Critics loved this movie. But the Movie Slut can't get past like.

"Love is Strange" benefits from glorious New York city photography and exquisite Chopin music. You may want to remain in the theater long after Ben and George leave the screen just to listen as the closing credits scroll by.

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