Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Drop: It's for you to decide

James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy
In a seedy bar on the wrong side of the tracks, Marv and Bob work together in quiet discomfort. Bad blood has flowed between Uncle Marv, who appears to be a hothead, and his nephew, who could pass for a dimwit. The drop, of course, is money for the mob and the wiseguys are lurking nearby.

The past infests every scene, keeping you at the edge of your seat. Even the girl (Roonie Mara), who Bob meets, is hiding something. And the puppy he finds beaten and left to die has a sad and violent past.

James Gandolfini died before this movie hit theaters, which adds to the haunted feel of this flick. Especially when he delivers the line (paraphrased here), "We're all dead already. We just don't know it."

In the end, moviegoers don't actually see the end,  leaving them to determine how dark this flick really is. So far, the Movie Slut hasn't made up her mind between two possible endings.

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