Sunday, September 5, 2010

The American: Bad Boy Abroad

You're not paranoid when everyone really is out to get you. And so Jack (George Clooney) is sane, or so we're led to believe. We also know he's an assassin (How sane is that?), who says he's simply doing what he does best. When we catch up to him, he's doing his thing in Italy. And the MS was thankful for that because he takes us into the narrow winding streets of an ancient village and the breathtaking countryside surrounding it. The scenery may be the best part of this film.
"The American" defies the truth in advertising credo. Trailers portray it as a shoot-'em-up, chase-'em-down action flick, which it is not. What we get is a quiet, introspective look at a man whose sins are catching up with him. And he knows it. Regret plays around the corners of his mouth. Death clouds his eyes.
The movie was No. 1 at the box office on its first weekend. The MS wonders if audiences knew what they were going to see. Sometimes you get more than what you asked for.

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