Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animal Kingdom: Grandma Dearest

Move over Hannibal Lecter. Here comes Smurf Cody. The cannibal has nothing on this wicked broad. Look into her glistening devil's eyes and you might see her eating her young.
Smurf is the matriarch of an Australian crime family. They're not the Corleones, but bad stuff has gone down and the cops are circling.
Enter J Cody, narrator of our story. Mom's dead of a heroine overdose (Smurf's estranged daughter), and he's come to live with granny and the gang.
The story begins routinely — drugs, death and derangement — but gets interesting when the police sergeant, Guy Pearce, chats up J about the survival of the fittest. Tension mounts as we wonder, who will be the last man, or woman, standing.
This is a heart-in-your-hand movie, not because of the non-stop action, but because directer David Michod makes viewers care about at least, some of the characters.

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