Friday, September 24, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleep: Nor will you

Gordon Gekko is back and he wants you to know that greed is gooder the second time around. But is it?
"Wall Street," the sequel, is a slick, smart movie, but it's not as cynical as the hugely popular 1987 classic. It actually has heart. And Josh Brolin, who's now the greediest guy on the block.
Directed by Oliver Stone, who knows a thing or two about making movies, not a frame is wasted in this lightening-paced drama that runs more than two hours and feels like one.
Set in 2008 when the stock market tanked, viewers gain access to the board rooms and trading desks where money men are freaking out.
Stone inserts one scene in Central Park where children play with soap bubbles (though none bursts on screen) and another in which a chain of dominoes tumbles like the banks they represent. In others, his camera slides along the sheaths of New York's office towers as if they are the bodies of Victoria Secret's models.
Michael Douglas is back reprising his role, older and wiser, though he'll admit to neither. Shia Labeouf is his new acolyte and Carey Mulligan, his estranged daughter.
"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" is destined to be an Oscar contender and well it should.

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