Friday, June 22, 2012

Lola Versus: A Comedy Sans Laughs

Shortly after this photo is taken, Lola (the one on her back) is dumped by what's his name, and this movie lurches forward with our damsel in distress alternately confused, depressed, drunk, drugged and nauseatingly self-obsessed. Her 29th birthday is looming and, OMG, the wedding is off!

The last time the Movie Slut saw Greta Gerwig, she was in a flick called  Damsels in Distress in which she was a college girl out to change the world. Another comedy without laughs. Now, she risks being typecast as Unfunny Girl.

In this film, she's grown up, at least on paper. She's now getting her Ph.D and writing a thesis on  silence in literature. Ha? Ha?

Since the Movie Slut is the Movie Slut, she feels compelled to find something positive about this multi-multiplex disappointment. Suffice it to say that the Manhattan filmography was artful and Lola's wardrobe, while uninspiring, was realistic. It is the kind of blah pseudo-fashion that's overtaken our malls. 

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