Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding = Dreck

If this movie were any more predictable, you'd think you wrote the screenplay yourself.

In 1969, groovy folks went to Woodstock for Booze, Sex & Rock 'n' roll. In this unfunny faux comedy, it's 2012 and an uptight lawyer mom, on the brink of divorce, drags her two teens to the town where tie-die never died. There they visit  her estranged mother, who became persona non grata when she sold pot at her daughter's wedding.


 Grandma, Jane Fonda, is a septuagenarian make-love-not-war holdout, who's reading materials include a book titled, The Cannabis Growers Bible. OK, that part is funny.

Alas, not much else is. Especially the scene in which she teaches the grandkids how to smoke pot. Like they don't know.

Within two days, mother and teens all find love. Or is it lust? Is there something in the water?

A stellar cast saves this flop from dismal failure. Fonda is joined by Catherine Keener, as the uptight mom and Elizabeth Olsen, as the judgmental granddaughter. Stock characters all. 

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