Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That's My Boy: Boy Oh Boy

                  Andy Samdberg and Adam Sandler in That's My Boy.

The highs are stratospheric and the lows are subterranean in Adam Sandler's latest gross-out-fest of a movie.

The ripped-from-the-headline plot — "Teacher Seduces Teen" — is promising in a politically-incorrect Sandleresque fashion. Here the teen, a 13-year-old Bar Mitzva boy, becomes responsible for parenting the offspring of the outrageous tryst when teach goes to jail.

Now, 20-odd-years later, the son has grown up with a truckload of resentment for the irresponsible, clueless dad, who turns up again just as his straight-laced son is about to be married.

Some of the highs in this movie belong to cameos by superb actors, including James Caan and Susan Sarandon. And remember Vanilla Ice? He shows up on the screen, too. Hit it!

As usual, Sandler is out to shock and play to his base: sophomoric cases of arrested development. But the most shocking part of this day at the multiplex was the two people sitting in the Movie Slut's row— a man with what looked like his 10-year-old daughter. Whatever happened to parental guidance?

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