Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seven Psychopaths: There Will Be Blood

Blood squirts, spurts, splatters, streams and gushes in this absurdist comedy about, well, you know what.
Colin Farrell, the lone character whose problem is nothing more pathological than a virulent case of alcoholism, is a screenwriter suffering from  writer's block. When we meet him, he has nothing more than a title for his new play.

Yes, it has to do with the number seven.

Farrell makes a hysterical ( in both senses of the word) violence-adverse straight man in the middle of ricocheting bullets and sloshing blood. He may not be writing about what he knows, but that's where his strange assortment of friends come in. To his surpirse, they know first hand about psychopathic behavior.

This flick is only mildly amusing, but highly entertaining thanks to a stellar cast, which includes  Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Tom Waits. Yeah, that Tom Waits.

Seven Psychopaths has earned a reputation as being uber-gory. True. But it's Hollywood blood that's streaming. Which makes it OK to laugh.

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