Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Paperboy: Tennessee Williams meets Quentin Tarantino

Deranged characters. A dysfunctional family. Marauding alligators. Buckets and buckets of sweat.

 It's all there in this overheated saga of lust, love, fury, fixation, murder and mayhem that plays out in a long, hot, swampy Florida summer.

Matthew McConaughey, a Pulitzer-winning journalist, returns to his hometown to investigate the incarceration of John Cusack for the murder of a sonabitch sheriff. Spurred on by the vampy, trampy Nicole Kidman, who's engaged to Cusack's character, our would-be hero proves anything but.

Zac Effron is McConaughey's 20-year-old brother. He's quit college and is about to get an education beyond books.

One outrageous, outlandish scene after another exposes these characters for what they are and few are pretty under their handsome veneers. We've got the bigot, the snob, the sexual deviant, the murderer, the thief and, not to forget, the alligator disengorger.

View at your own risk.
The Movie Slut was glad she did.

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