Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pitch Perfect: "Glee" Meets "Scream"

Sometimes The Movie Slut wonders if professional critics don't even see some of the films they review, especially when the flick is clearly aimed at less discriminating teens.

Why else would a reviewer for a prestigious publication say PP is a clone of other movies about singing competitions?

No. No. And No.

Just as Scream is a parody of horror movies, PP pokes fun at Glee and its clones, both on the big and small screens.

The closer you are to high school, the more you'll laugh at the antics of this all-girl college acapella group. The teens in the audience on a recent afternoon registered a laugh a minute. For The Movie Slut, it was an occasional chuckle.

 Still some of the music made up for some of the lame jokes.

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