Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Oranges: Tart & Juicy

Talk about all American movies! This one is about the pursuit of happiness.
But what happens when one person's happiness causes the unhappiness of all those around him?
That question is at the heart of this interesting, thought-provoking, and funny, yes, funny movie.

The Oranges is a story about two New Jersey families living the American dream. (This is possible in the Garden State —really.) But these families, despite lovely homes, healthy grown children and no financial problems, only seem to be happy.

The emotional chaos that erupts when two family members veer onto an unconventional path forces the others to examine their lives and come to some surprising revelations.

Finally, we have a film that's brave enough to question the formulaic beliefs about happiness that mar so many of our movies. 

The Oranges is a comedy. But it will leave you thinking — seriously.

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