Monday, February 28, 2011

Hall Pass Vs. Cedar Rapids: Viva la difference

All Dick flicks are not created equal. In fact, if they were comedians, "Hall Pass" (right) is to Bill Crystal as "Cedar Rapids" is to Ricky Gervais.
Both movies are
about men behaving babyishly and both have the requisite raunchy, gross out and scatological moments, but while HP slips them seamlessly into the uproarious plot, CR tosses them in gratuitously, for shock value only.
The Farrelly
Brothers are the wacko brains behind HP and they've made a movie in which we all, men and women, can identify. While CR is about people you've never met and never will. Ed Helms is a naif from the backwater who visits the biggish city. You probably know 5 year olds who are more street smart. It's all about the dirty joke, while HP is a movie with heart.

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