Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Go With It: Or Not

The new Adam Sandler flick is like that unfortunate early-'80s do — the mullet. It's uneven and equal parts horrendous and hysterical. Sandler, as usual, is an emotionally-stalled every guy (this time with $), whose plan to ensnare babes backfires when he actually develops — hold on to your seat — Feelings for a gal.
He's a cosmetic surgeon and the funniest scenes are those where he deals with cases of plastic surgery run amok.
Jennifer Aniston is his office manager and the smartest scenes are those in which she appears. Did she work with a different writer?
Then we have Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker (the latest It girl), who wants to prove she's got brains as well boobs and does a pretty fair job of actually acting.
Nicole Kidman appears for her bit part in a TD4 wardrobe. Who designed it? The Movie Slut is working on that. Chanel? Versace?
And you'll never guess who makes a surprise appearance as her nelly hubby.
Due to infantile pottie humor, the Movie Slut award is:

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