Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sanctum: Sinks

What's amazing about "Sanctum," the soggy new James Cameron dud, not to be confused with his soggy old overrated flick, is that it topped the box office on Monday. But then Monday wasn't exactly a blockbuster movie day. Still, the Movie Slut did see this misery of a movie that day. About half of it before she fled.
Problem No. 1: Whatever happened to character development? Who were these people? Who cares?
Problem No. 2: It's not so much that no A-list actors were on the screen. No actors appeared in this foul flick. Who were these losers?
Problem No. 3: The 3-D looked like grade-school dioramas. Remember the ones we made out of shoe boxes?
Problem No. 4: The dialogue. Oh, let's not even...bhah, blah, bor-ing.
Movie Slut rating: One broken lipstick.

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