Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unknown: Until The Movie Ends

Will the real Dr. Martin Harris please stand up? Is it Liam Neeson? Or Aidan Quinn? And while we're at it, who is January Jones married to?
All the answers to the mystery at the heart of this fun, frenetic film are answered in the last minutes of the movie, and while they do meet the plausibility test, it's doubtful any viewer will guess the outcome.
This is good and bad. Who doesn't like a real shocker of a surprise? Then again, aren't there supposed to be play fair clues sprinkled through the action?
Despite its basic unfairness, "Unknown" is an eminently fulfilling flick, which fits neatly into the old thriller genre — long on car chases and dead bodies, short on special effects. And best of all, it's not in 3D!
Movie Slut Rating: Four out of five lipsticks.

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