Saturday, December 29, 2012

Django Unchained: Only the D is Silent

Remember the pig with lipstick?

It's a perfect metaphor for this grotesque film, which attempts to glamorize its disgusting violence with A-list actors, including Jamie Foxx in the title role.

It's two years before the Civil War and Django, a slave turned freeman turned bounty hunter turned homicidal maniac is combing The South, looking for his beloved wife.

This flick could be called the anti-Gone with the Wind. There's nothing gracious or romantic about the plantations he visits and that's probably more realistic than Scarlett's pre-war South.

The first half of Quentin Tarantino's new film is quite funny, witty and original. But then the deluge, which crescendos into a bloodbath of nauseating proportions.

Tarantino has done this before, though not to this extreme. And in the current American climate — read Tucson, Aurora, Newtown — this kind of gratuitous violence rings particularly old, outdated and tone deaf.

The NRA wants us to believe that movies like this inspire unbalanced young men to grab their guns and take out as many innocent people as possible.

The Movie Slut disagrees. She believes guns kill, not movies, video games or mental illness.

Still, the over-the-top gun violence in this movie is not what she wants to see at the multiplex and she encourages — no begs — you to choose another flick. Send the message that we're sick of this hideous carnage, on and off the screen.

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