Friday, December 21, 2012

This is 40: Well, Maybe a 20

A funny thing happened to the Movie Slut on her way to the multiplex to see Judd Apatow's latest flick.

A movie reviewer weighed in on the radio calling the film, vulgar, infantile and only marginally funny.

But what about the review in the New York Times that convinced her to see the movie? This serious reviewer offered a thoughtful appraisal of the film, calling it more than mere satire.

So what did MS think?

Both reviewers were correct. This comedy about being a certain age at a certain time (now) in a certain place (Southern California) was at times funny and right on about a certain group of smart, educated Americans. Filled with pop culture references, the movie is even more fun for those, like MS, who's a bit of a pop culture junkie.

But hasn't Apatow ever heard of people we call editors?

 Eliminating a good thirty minutes of the sillyest, unfunniest jokes would have enriched the flick immeasurably. Maybe the producer/director was too close to this project. It stars his wife (Leslie Mann) opposite an excellent Mark Rudd, and Apatow's two daughters, good little actresses.

To call it a vanity piece is an understatement. But hey,  that's his perogative. It remains to be seen if moviegoers like him enough to invest two hours and 13 minutes in this ego-massaging project. 

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