Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silver Linings Playbook: So Not Funny

                                  Bradley Cooper is Pat, a bi-polar young man.

The Movie Slut is not amused. She finds no humor in mental illness. When a young man returns home, not from college, but from an institution, well, you won't find her laughing.

But "Silver Linings" is bent on ferreting out the funny in this young man's situation, like in the photo above, when he takes to wearing plastic garbage bags. And when this fawning flick is not chuckling over its own bad taste, it likes to present him as so much more knowing and insightful than mere "normal" people who are actually functioning in the real world.

Many critics loved this movie. Maybe they've never experienced the heartache of seeing a once-promising young person who can't hold a conversation, much less a job.

If there is a silver lining in "Silver Linings," it is Robert De Niro as the young man's father. Though never diagnosed with emotional problems, he teeters on the edge of being, let's just say, a bit off. De Niro captures this character in all his glorious issueyness. It's a performance worth seeing.

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