Saturday, December 15, 2012

Playing for Keeps: Winning!

In this just-slightly-more-than-adequate rom-com, George Dryer (Gerard Butler) plays an irresistible former soccer star who's  sidelined — professionally — by an injury and — personally — by his wife.

And there you have it. The appeal of this flick is Butler's irresistibility.

 In the movie, his ex-wife, Jessica Biel, is obviously still stuck on him, and so are the neighborhood women, including Uma Thurman and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Viewers might think it unrealistic how these women hurl themselves at the handsome, strapping, sensitive former jock. But then they would be naive about the state of male-female relations in our post-Lewinsky age.

Off screen, in the audience, it's doubtful that any red-blooded member of the XX set will be able to resist his  charms. (Think of Butler as Matthew McConaughey without the tacky, oily factor.)

As for the XYers, you might want to skip this flick. It sure will be difficult to measure up.

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