Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Killing Them Softly: What the F***?

Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini & Richard Jenkins can't elevate this miserable movie. 

If you like f***ing pretentious movies, than this one's for you.

If you like to witness f***ing wasted talent, than go ahead and see this f***ing flick.

If you yearn to hear dialogue laced with the f-bom, rush right over to the multi-plex.

F***! See this one twice.

The action takes place in 2008. We know because the movie opens with a lingering shot of a billboard featuring both candidates, McCain and Obama. Should you be fidgeting with your popcorn and miss that less-than-subtle detail, don't f***ing worry. Every time the low lives are in their f***ing clunker-mobiles or in their f***ing seedy bars, you hear the candidates campaigning on the radio or TV.

Who knew gangsters and wiseguys were so f***ing into American politics.

Beware! The f***ing message of this movie could hit you over the head so hard you'll plunge into a catatonic state. And here it is: f***ing fanfare puh-leze: There is no difference between the US government and a gaggle of gangsters.

"Killing" is one of those movies that thinks it can make an art form out of murder. It doesn't mean to be, but it is so f***ing funny.

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