Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Seagull: No Chuckles for Chekhov

                                     Annette Bening & Corey Stoll

The Time: 1904

The Place: An estate outside of Moscow

The Characters: An aging, narcissistic actress: her morally-challenged lover; her pretentious, but
sympathetic son; the lovely girl next door; and a few others.

The Plot: The Movie Slut never gives away the plot.

The Themes: Unrequited love; unfulfilled dreams; self-doubt; self-loathing: death; and some other
cheery stuff.

Why see this movie: At times Anton Chekhov's writing sings through. His characters are so real that they practically walk off the screen. It proves that Freud was right. People desperately need analysis.

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