Friday, March 26, 2010

The Bounty Hunter: Bad? Or the worst?

Buzz has it that "The Bounty Hunter" is the worst movie to ever stain the big screen. Let's take a look.
You have Jennifer Aniston as a tenacious New York City newspaper reporter dashing through Gotham in spiky stilettos and a second skin mini. You have her ex-husband, Gerard Butler, a former cop turned bounty hunter, who's out to get her because she was a no show in court. That's not so bad. Is it?
The trouble is that Aniston, despite her attire, plays her role straight, as if she's a hardboiled newswoman out to expose curruption, evil and vice. Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen, Butler is romping around like he's in a brainless, screwball rom-com. Not good. Still BH has five things going for it.

1. It is not set in Las Vegas.
2. Matthew Macconaughy is nowhere in sight.
3. No one says, "You had me at hello."
4. It is not in 3D.
5. While the flick may be bloody awful, there's no blood — squirting, spouting, spritzing, oozing or gushing.

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