Monday, March 1, 2010

The Wolfman: Howling good fun

A misty, murky forest + a creepy creaky manor house + a gruesome mysterious death = the latest wolfman flick.

Benicio Del Toro is superb as the earnest young man who returns home to investigate the pukingly gory death of his beloved brother. Emily Blunt is the fetching fiancee left behind. And the on screen man-to-beast transformations are riveting even in the post-Avatar age of uber-special effects.

The one problem with this horror flick is that it's just not horror-filled enough.

The Movie Slut places the blame squarely on the ridiculous shoulders of Anthony Hopkins, lord of the manor and father of the mauled man. Hopkins insists on reprising his role as the homicidal, cannibalistic psycho in
"Silence of the Lambs". He's busy kitsching it up while the rest of the cast plays it straight.
Get with the program Sir Anthony.

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