Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last Station: A tearful, fearful farewell

In 1910, during the final days of Leo Tolstoy's life, his aristocratic wife and his extremist acolyte battled it out for the rights to his legacy.
Who knew?
Certainly not the Movie Slut who thought it was Dostoevsky who wrote "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." How much she had to learn. And how much she hoped to learn from this movie.
Instead, she got a lot of wailing and flailing and crashing dishes as the two people closest to the Russian icon fought for his mind and soul, love and money.
That's not to say the flick is a waste of your time, though you could be reading "War and Peace." The excellent cast keeps you glued to the screen, especially Christopher Plummer as the writer/philosopher. Helen Mirren, is the wife, Paul Giamatti, is the obsessed follower, and James McAvoy, is the young secretary through whose eyes the events unfold. Like him, dear movie-goer, your eyes will be damp when you leave the theater. Now, if that's not the mark of an excellent move, what is?

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