Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Zone: Lest we forget

Iraq. 2003. A U.S. soldier searches for W.M.D. and comes up empty. Again and again.
"What the f--- is going on?" he wonders. "Could it be faulty intelligence?"
Huh-lo, Captain Obvious, we've been all over this and then some.
The Movie Slut was hoping Green Zone would tell her something she didn't know. Like why did we REALLY invade Iraq? And what was with that reporter who wrote exactly what the Bushies spoon fed her? Was she a neo-con posing as an impartial journalist? Or was she an incompetent, who forgot Journalism rule No. 1, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out?"
In the movie the questionable journalist is a thin blond working for The Wall Street Journal, instead of a slim brunette who pens for The New York Times. But we're still no closer to understanding her motives.
So what we have here is a mega-action war flick starring Matt Damon as a soldier of bad fortune, the last honest man standing. And hey, nothing wrong with that.

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