Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dilemma: To Tell Or Not To Tell

"The Dilemma" is not a dumb dick flick. You might call it a chick/dick flick and a pretty smart one at that.
It begins in a Woody Allenesque fashion: A couple of couples sitting around a table tossing around a question: How much can you really know about another person, even those who are the closest to you?
Vince Vaughn is on the verge of proposing to girlfriend Jennifer Connolly. But his feet are as cold as the tundra. Meanwhile, his ideal couple, buddy, Kevin James, and, wife, Winona Ryder, are the ideal couple in his book. So, what happens when they begin tumbling from their pedestal?
Sure, laughs surface in this flick. After all, we are dealing with Vince and Kevin. But we're also lucky to have Ron Howard, director, and Brian Glazer, producer. When you finish laughing, you'll find yourself thinking: Just how much do we know about any of the people in our lives?
See it. The Movie Slut rating: Four out of Five Lipsticks.

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