Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Fighter: No Knockout

"The Fighter" is one of those movies that has audiences blown away by an actor's performance. "He's amazing," they find themselves saying. (Hopefully, not out loud.)
The MS is not fond of those movies. "They're like eating a dish overpowered by uncooked onions."
In this flick, it's not even the star, who has audiences enamored. It's the alleged supporting actor Christian Bale.
As for Mark Wahlberg, the fighter in "The Fighter," he takes to the ropes, not only with Bale, but with most of the other actors. And that includes Amy Adams, playing against type, as his hard-drinking, potty-mouthed girlfriend. And then there's his toxic mom, the excellent Melissa Leo. Still, The Movie Slut kept thinking how much better this dynamic played out in "Animal Kingdom," reviewed in this blog on Sept.9, 2010.
"The Fighter" throws a few good punches. That's it.

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