Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Fockers: Get Fockerized

Does the world really need another Focker flick? Number 3. The Movie Slut thought not — until — she laughed her way through "Little Fockers." Okay, she didn't LOL, but was amused from beginning to end.
If you've ever noticed that you're the last sane person on Earth, you'll recognize the humor in this movie. Ben Stiller is Normal Guy, surrounded by a world of wackaloons, including his paranoid father-in-law (Robert De Niro); his Mother, a TV sexpert, (Barbra Streisand) his father, who's discovered Flamenco dancing (Dustin Hoffman); his new-agey best friend (Owen Wilson); and a gorgeous, morally-challenged drug salesperson (Jessica Alba.) And they're not the only loony birds fluttering across screen in this funny, funny film.
Movie Slut Rating: Five out of five lipsticks.

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