Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes & Icky Ricky

Guess who won't be hosting the Golden Globes next year? If you said Ricky Gervais, you probably watched his sorry performance last night. SO NOT FUNNY. It was apparent from the audience response, and remarks made by Robert Downey Jr. and others, that the guy was a drooling disaster. But he didn't pick up the clues, both subtle and obvious. He just continued, from beginning to end with stupid, mean-spirited, passive-agressive put-downs of the actors who got all glammed up for what? Not that.
Perhaps the worst part of his performance was the age of his material. It stretched from ancient to vintage to just plain old and stale. A joke about a certain Scientolotist's sexual orientation! So 20 years ago. Charlie Sheen's drinking! So last millennium. Gervais simply stunk any way you look at it.
Still, the show was not a complete disaster. Emma Stone wins an Easy A+ for her minimalist Calvin Klein. Not a frill or ruffle in sight. And the MS is absolutely mad for January Jone,'s lipstick red Versace cutout dress and Natalie Portman's pretty-in-pink baby-bump strapless gown by Viktor & Rolf.
And speaking of Natalie, see the Movie Slut's "Black Swan" review and you'll know how thrilled she is that Natalie won the best actress award. As for best actor, Colin Firth took it home! See "The King's Speech" review and read about how keenly the MS wanted this.
"The Social Network" won best picture. A good pick. The MS saw it twice and it was even better the second time.
Alas, she can only award the show one lipstick out of five, thanks to Icky Rickie.

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