Friday, January 7, 2011

True Grit:

Are you nostalgic for the old Westerns? Did you grow up watching that Masked Man? If so, "True Grit" will satisfy your longing for the old days, when movies were slow, lives were cheap and gunslingers hoofed around the red rocks and canyons.
If nothing else, "True Grit" is a Western. A big, beautiful Western.
The New Mexican scenery is magnificent. The simple hymns that dominate the soundtrack are haunting. The characters even speak in the stilted style you might expect of men and women in the latter part of the 19th century.
The trouble is that this movie is more of a tableau than the real Old West, where lives were short and people bled and suffered. It keeps you at a distance.
The critics have been orgasmic in their praise for everyone involved, especially Jeff Bridges, who swallowed half of his lines. And oh, yes, they're shouting "Oscar."
The MS has two words for them: Colin Firth.
Movie Slut Rating: Three out of five lipsticks.

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